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Satori Management & Development Inc.
Our Approach

Our team of experts will initially tour your facility on a daily basis to explore opportunities. We will then schedule a meeting at your convenience to report our initial findings with Management.*

During this meeting we will cover the following:

Satori Management Initial Report - Description of what the project has to offer in the way of savings and opportunities.

Energy Balance Report (Actual energy usage and projected savings from initial analysis)

Findings for Residual Savings

Recommendations for Small Operational Projects

Recommendations for Large Capital Projects

Approaching Productivity Improvements

Discussion on Operational Improvements

Summary of Total Opportunities

Pie Charts and Graphs

Progress Report & Future Plans and Ideas

General Industrial Facility

*Note: At this time the client will determine whether to proceed with the project.

Satori Management & Development Inc., is the leading edge on energy systems of the future!

Our staff look forward to working with you and are available to answer any questions you may have.